Big News From The Outer Edge

So yeah … the big announcement.

As you know, this past couple of years has been one hell of a bumpy ride with Covid and Cancer (C^2), and a bunch of other little firecrackers that have been tossed in my lap. Fun times. Some day I’ll look back on all of that and chuckle.

That day may be closer than I thought. 😀

After my last surgery, my oncologist informed me in July that my adenocarcinoma has not been completely eradicated, and that I would need to undergo another round of chemotherapy, which tickled me no end. I am still recovering from the last round. That stuff is nasty business. At the same time, he informed me that he will be retiring at the end of the year.

Hey – it’s all about timing, right? *sigh*

This forced me to step back and take a good solid look at the big picture. In August I decided to take a break and clear my head, so I headed to New England for a taste of home and to see some old cohorts. Shortly after arriving, I had to have emergency surgery (my 4th) due to an intestinal blockage, so my first 4 weeks of vacation were basically a net zero benefit.

While I was recovering, President Biden visited Boston specifically to announce a federal subsidy to Dana Farber/Brigham and Womens of $500M for cancer research. In 2021, Dana Farber conducted a clinical study of a combined immunotherapy / chemotherapy treatment targeting my particular flavor of the malady. In that clinical study, that cancer was eliminated in 100% of the participants, so out of curiosity I reached out to Dana Farber and had a sit-down with one of the oncologists involved in the study. We had a long, fruitful chat, several tests were run, and I have been invited to participate in part 2 of the trial!!! W00 H00!

At the same time, my landlord, who has spent the last year doing major renovation, informed me that he is getting ready to sell the property, and that my rent will increase significantly before the sale. If you know anything about where I live, you know that it is barely worth what I am paying now. Any increase in rent is preposterous unless it includes running hot water in the kitchen and a stove to cook on. A move is in my future no matter what.

What started as a difficult and heart-tearing decision became a no-brainer. As such, I have decided to accept the invitation. This means I will be moving to the Boston area for a minimum of 8 months while the trial is conducted. I hate the thought of leaving Mooresville, especially to the frozen tundra of New England in winter, but this is too serendipitous to pass up. It is like the gods lined up my ducks for me. Mooresville has been my home and my family for the past 15 years. It breaks my heart to leave even for a few months – but I will be back; hopefully in time for Groverfest (yes dammit! I *will* be there next year – with bells on. I might even bring musical fire with me). My rent is paid through November, so I will be making a few trips back and forth between now and Friendsgiving. I sure would love to be able to get some face time with those I truly love when I do – maybe strangle some strings, howl some songs, burn some firewood, and certainly share a few smiles.

So – Gibbs’ Rule #28: When you need help, ask.

I have a place to stay short-term, but I will need to secure a long-term place of my own where I can spread out my toys and keep myself occupied. I also need to get those toys from point A to point B, and arrange storage for those I do not carry with me. These are both fiscal surprises. I could use a little help if you’re willing and able.

If you want to lend a hand, please visit:

If you prefer PayPal, please use:

Thank you so much!

And that’s the news from Lake Wobegone. 😀

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