Cancer Chronicles – Chemo Round 3 Update

Hi Kids –

Thought I would throw out a little update while I’m thinking about it.

I’m now midway through round 3 of chemo. So far, I’m battered and bruised, but still kicking away at this bloody disease. This round is the toughest so far.

The side effects are more noticeable, weariness is a thing, and a general feeling of ‘yecch!’ is upon me – but I refuse to be knocked down. Just not happening. Not on my tennis court (thanks Lenny).


Yeah – those. Well – they are much more pronounced this time around.

The predicted sensitivity to cold seems to have reared its ugly head. Today I grabbed a freeze pop out of the freezer, and it felt like I had grabbed a cactus a little too enthusiastically. Scratch freeze pops from the menu for a while, I guess. 🙁 Eating ice cream is still ok though – go figure! (*whew* – it’s summer! What’s summer without ice cream??)

The tumor in my southern posterior region seems to be quite angry and annoyed. It is complaining bitterly, and giving me a *lot* of pain. I have had to lean on the prescribed pain killers more heavily than I would like. I’m still resisting as much as possible, but I’m really grateful to have them handy at times.

I still have a pretty healthy appetite, though the motivation to cook and clean while enduring the aforementioned southern posterior pain is somewhat lacking.

“Death before dishes!” I say.


The tumor itself is disintegrating (that’s the objective here, right?). At times it … well – I’ll spare you the description – let’s just say it can be messy. The part that I can actually touch with my fingers is noticeably smaller, though.


*** A REQUEST ***

Again – Please – for your own good, and that of others (y’know – like immuno-comromised folks like me?) PLEASE wear a mask when you find yourself out and about among others. It’s just the common sense thing to do, as well as common courtesy.

Thank you in advance!

*** SOME NEWS ***

As you may (or may not) remember – on July 4 I found my good friend and neighbor, Ronnie Freeman, dead in his apartment.

Ronnie was amazing – a genuine honest human being with a huge heart and a really easy-going disposition – even though he did enjoy fussing and fuming about certain things (as do I – it’s a cranky old fart thing – we’re entitled).

Ronnie was also a really talented musician with lots of natural ability – a badass drummer and a surprisingly impressive guitar player (for a drummer). He had an ear for those ‘out of town’ chords and how to string them together. He could not read a lick though, which makes it even more impressive.

With a little help from Hizzoner Mayor Miles Atkins, I have gathered the necessary information and contacts for putting together a scholarship fund in Ronnie’s name, said scholarship to be awarded to promising musicians from the Mooresville school system who wish to further their education and pursue a career in music and/or performing arts. As my energy level returns, I will be working on making that a reality, and will post more information as it becomes available.

If you’d like to know more about the scholarship fund in the meantime, feel free to hit me up.

*** THANK YOU ***

Again – thanks for all the good thoughts and support through this nonsense. You all have made this a lot less scary and formidable. You have no idea how much it has helped keep things positive!

At this point in treatment – about midway – the medical bills have just hit the $100k mark – and that is after having paid out around $4100 plus prescription costs. Hopefully I’ll be able to knock that amount due down a bit, but in the meantime, I’m a little bewildered by that number, as you might imagine.

If you are willing and would like to contribute financially, there is a link on my web site. Any amount is extremely helpful at this point.

Here’s the link.

Of course hugs, love, and the occasional ‘hi how are you?’ are greatly appreciated. It’s good to know that someone cares. Drop a line – say ‘hi’. I would love to hear from you.

Stay safe out there kids.


– Matt

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