Letters From The Brig – 2021 Edition

So once again, the Facebook Gestapo has decided that I am unfit to post.

Oh well.

Facebook is unfit to exist.

We’re even.

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Apparently my pictorial representation of a certain individual’s method for collecting votes might have been a little too accurate for someone with weak rectal fortitude.

Jeez Louise – I didn’t even use *one* of George Carlin’s ‘Words You Can’t Say‘!

Go figure!

Enter my pal Otis Toadvine. He’ll be taking over for me while I languish at the Facebook Institution for Those Who are Out Of Fucks (FITWOOF).

**** Note to those with weak rectal fortitude ****

Perhaps the internet is not really the place for you.


If you’d like to keep up with me, follow this web site (mattlindi.com). We’ll see.

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