Letters From The Brig, Vol. 1 No. 3

Hi Kids –

I’m still alive and kicking. Taa-Daaa! There is a fair amount of visible wear and tear, but for the most part I appear to still be space-worthy. I have also managed to avoid the Facebook Correctional Facility for over a month. My tongue has sustained some battle injuries, but none were too severe.

**** So What’s New? ****

Lots … and nothing. It has been a considerable effort to ‘stuff the body and keep the weight moving’. The long-term effects of treatment are certainly presenting themselves in the form of chronic fatigue and pain, though they are not nearly as bad as I had imagined they would be. Still, it is a daily battle.

This week will see the final round with one of the chemotherapy drugs (Cisplatin). One hurdle cleared! Hooray!

**** The Gory Details ****

Not really all that gory, actually. I am just now starting to feel ‘recovered’ from the last round, two weeks ago. I got a one day respite, and now back to it.


The neuropathy that I mentioned in my last update is still with me, but it does not seem to have worsened any. The most annoying part is that feeling of an impending cramp in the middle toe on my left foot (yeah – you know the feeling – I know you do). It never quite develops, but it feels like it might.

As far as my hands/fingers are concerned, I find that if I ‘warm up’ for a half hour or so before playing, that the numbness in my fingers can be compensated for – or ignored. Mostly ignored. It has certainly affected my playing style – perhaps for the better in some ways. I am learning to play and sing while using my fingers as little as possible. It is a new way of thinking, for sure – but hey – everything is a learning experience if you want it to be, right? 😀

**** So What’s Next? ****

After this week, I have several weeks off from chemo. I’m glad for the break. In November I will begin oral chemo coupled with localized radiation treatments for five weeks. If all goes well, all of this nonsense should be behind me in time for 2021.

That’s It For Now ****

Thanks to all of you for the occasional kick in the butt and shove forward. It really helps. ((((hug))))

Personally, I am still hanging on by a tether. Covid and cancer have conspired to seriously clip my wings, and it has been a struggle to keep afloat – but I’m still plugging away where I can. The expenses are relentless, and it is pretty rough going. If you are willing and would like to help out, here is a link to my web site where you can. Any amount is extremely helpful at this point, and greatly appreciated.

Yes! I’d like to help.

Of course hugs, love, and the occasional ‘hi how are you?’ are greatly appreciated. Thanks to those of you who ping my inbox every once in a while. You keep me motivated, and I love hearing from you.

Stay safe out there kids. Wear your masks, and hug telepathically.


– Matt

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