Letters From The Brig – Vol. 1 No. 4

Hi Kids –

Well they mucked about with the clocks! My microwave now tells the correct time again. 😀

I’m up and around, and I thought it would be a good time to put out a general status report while I still can. The last couple of weeks has been 3w47576tysghwe9rhf747 *** keysmash.

That last step was a doozy, as they say. Last weekend and most of this past week were spent pretty much bed-ridden, but about mid-week things started looking up. The lingering effect of the last chemo session are finally dissipating. Yesterday was the first that I have felt any sort of energetic; pain level moderate, energy level in good supply – it felt good. There is hope. 😀

I have a few weeks off now before round 2 begins. I am *not* looking forward to this whole radiation business. My poor, tortured little aft portal is bruised and battered enough, I am not sure how much phaser fire it will withstand. I have a consult with the radiologist and the oncologist on Monday. I’ll find out then exactly what sort of Klingon right of passage they have in store for me.

**** A Bit of a Rant ****

As my own situation has developed, I can’t help but note the abhorrent state of accessible health care. It is hard to imagine that things are actually much worse than they were when my mom was going through a very similar situation 25 years ago. It is preposterous – and inexcusable – that the overall health and well-being of a nation is dictated by the bottom line in board rooms across the country. This must stop.

Folks – we really need to apply some pressure on our leaders to rien in the whole health care issue once and for all. The availability of affordable health care should not be maintained as a convenient political hot potato to be paraded about in election campaigns. Enough!

Dear Leaders: Stop talking, stop campaigning, and start doing! Or step out of the way!

I am pretty much a single issue voter this time around. No plan? No vote. End. Of. Discussion.

ok – I’m done. Sorry for the outburst – it is just that paying $15/hour for an indusion pump to annoy the piss out of me for 46 hours/week, and now $2600 for a required prescription just flew up my nose a little bit.

End of rant.

**** So What’s New? ****

One new development: it turns out that ‘chemo brain’ is a thing. I asked my doctor about it. It is basically ADHD at warp 9, as far as I can tell. At times I am easily distracted by random air molecules whizzing by, and suffer a sudden change in direction. I can literally forget what song I’m playing smack in the middle of a song, and ‘slide off the rails’ into a totally different song just because it is a similar progression. Not kidding. I have done it. I call it ‘Medley Mode’.

Neuropathy is still with me. It has not really gotten any worse, but I still feel like I’m playing guitar with fingers that have been shot full of novocaine. I am learning to work around it … sort of. I don’t have much choice, do I? 😀

Pain? Yeah well … goes with the territory, I guess. I can’t say I’m getting used to it, merely resigned to it as a fact of life at this point. Some hours are better than others.

**** What’s Upcoming ****

I really do enjoy getting out on Thursdays to play a little guitar and hang with folks. I do plan to continue doing it for as long as my energy permits. If you’re in the area, drop by and play a few tunes with me – or sit and listen – or just hang out between songs. Whatever. I’d love to see you. I have spare microphone windscreens and lots of sanitizer stuff. 😀

**** That’s It For Now ****

Thanks for hanging in there with me and pinging my inbox every once in a while. You keep me moving! ((((hug))))

If you are willing and would like to help out, here is a link to my web site where you can. Any amount is extremely helpful at this point, and greatly appreciated.

Yes! I’d like to help.

Of course hugs, love, and the occasional ‘hi how are you?’ are greatly appreciated.

Stay safe out there kids. Wear your masks, and hug telepathically.


– Matt

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