Letters From The Brig Vol 1. No. 6

Hi Kids –


I thought this might be a good opportunity to say ‘howdy’, publish a little update, and let y’all know that I’m still here. Mostly 😀

As we head down the home stretch to the Christmas Holiday and the advent of the new year, I can’t help but look at the bumpy road that we have all traveled this year. Sadly, some will not be among us, and we mourn their absence. However, there are so many friends and acquaintances who have struggled through hardship, from cancer and Covid to hip, knee, and even heart surgery. To those of us still fighting and surviving, I say ‘Huzzah! Press onward!’. I think we all deserve a huge hug. Though we may not be able to get quality face time under present circumstances, please know that you are all in my heart – each and every one of you.

**** The News ****

I’m roughly half way through radiation treatments, and let me tell you – they sure do take the wind out of your sails. Fatigue is the real thing. I can now fall asleep any place and in any position more readily than my brother – and he’s the king of ‘Nap Attack’. I’ve seen him fall asleep in a wheel barrow. (Not kidding).

As far as the whole promise that ‘It will just feel like a little sunburn’. Thanks Doc, but that’s rubbish. More accurately, this is like skidding down 100 yds of pavement on your butthole at 60MPH.

Of major concern is this neuropathy; it has worsened. Not only are my fingertips completely numb, but the joints in my fingers and toes are constantly screaming. I guess this must be what arthritis feels like – though my fingers display none of the physical indicators of arthritis. This Xeloda(tm) medication will cure you if it doesn’t kill you, I guess.


I guess my playing days are pretty much done until these treatments are complete, and I anticipate that I will walking with the aid of a cane before this course of treatment is over (4 more weeks).

Welcome to Seniorhood! 😛

The doctors have been able to give no indication as to how long the recovery period will be – it could take up to a year before my hands and feet return to normal. I’ll keep trying to play – but dang – it does not look promising. So frustrating.

On the bright side: The tumor has shrunk by about 50%. The treatments *are* effective. That, in and of itself, keeps me motivated and determined to get through this next few weeks and start the recovery process.

**** So What Else Is Happening? ****

Not much. I’m still limited in how long I can sit at a computer – I’m good for about 15 or 20 minutes, then I have to go lie down for an hour, which means I fall asleep and will not be heard from for several hours. My apologies for taking so long to respond to messages – or for not responding at all. I am not ignoring you – I just am not physically up to sitting in a chair. I may have a laptop in the near future (fingers crossed) so that will all change.

Other than that – if anyone has time available from 1:30 – 2:30 any weekday, and can help the OG get to his radiation appointment, the Gods will smile upon you. Or at least the OG will 😀

Likewise, if you happen to be out and about around DoMo, and would be so kind as to run a decrepit hulk of an old fart to the corner store or something, it would be much appreciated.

Or … perhaps you could subsidize an Uber fare? Those are ~$20 round trip. Or some banana nut muffins? (simple things)

That’s about it from here. Bottom line: I’m stubbornly plodding through, no matter what.

Of course hugs, love, and the occasional ‘hi how are you?’ are greatly appreciated. In fact, they make the road less bumpy. Please stay in touch!

Stay safe out there kids. Wear your masks, and hug telepathically.


– Matt

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