Letters From The Brig, Vol 2. No.3

Hey Kids!

It has been a while (10 weeks – yikes!) since I posted any sort of update. There are many reasons for that, but for the most part I guess that’s a) I got a 30-day stint in the FB pokey again for a four-year-old post that ‘went against community standards’, and b) because since the end of chemo and radiation there really has not been all that much to report. I am really not one to be cluttering the airwaves unnecessarily with the grisly details.

Current Status:

I still feel as if I have a Lego stuck in my butt, and the neuropathy from chemo is still lingering with me. At times the numbness seems to be diminishing in my fingers, but my feet constantly feel like they’ve been frost-bitten. I play enough to know that I need to build those calluses back up. At least I can play some!

But that’s enough whining for now – I’ll move (limp) on.

Brief summary:

A recent CT scan indicates that the cancer was successfully arrested and has not spread, Also, a recent 50,000 mile checkup reveals that all systems are functioning within normal parameters, BP is good, weight is constant, the carburetor carbs, the motor motes, and the pistons do their thing, too. I really cannot say enough good things about the team who have pulled me through all of this.

So what’s next?

Surgery to remove the damage (eg; the Lego) and recovery. On Wednesday of this week I will report to the hospital, where I will be subjected to a procedure called a ‘Robotic Abdominal Resection’ – which sounds to me more like the title to a heavy metal goth punk band song, but whatever. The procedure itself is not insignificant, apparently, and recovery / rehab will be an adventure lasting roughly 6 weeks. With any luck (and a Covid vaccine), I’ll be able to return to playing out!

So that’s about it for now. I’ll shout out again when it is humanly possible, though I do expect to be avoiding chairs for a while.

Again, a hale and hearty thank you to all of you for being an excellent cheerleading section. I could never have gotten this far without your positivity!

Much Love


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