… On The Eve Of Battle

The lines are drawn, the weapons are honed, and the horses are feisty.

Just a short update. Today is the day. Big surgery! I’m a little nervous, but am really glad to be getting underway with treatment. I’ll be ‘going under the knife’ some time around noon. If you happen to think of it, a positive thought or two at that time will be greatly appreciated.


I do want to take the opportunity to thank those who have helped out so much. Most recently, a former co-worker who now lives in extreme northern Vermont sent along some cannabis infused real Vermont maple syrup – like – it was still warm when bottled :D. When I first received it I made the mistake of dousing some French toast. I then proceeded to sleep for 12 hours for the first time in months! Note to self: Anything more than a couple of tablespoons is superfluous.

Also – CBD tincture from PAX Nutraceuticals have allowed me to manage pain with little to no use of opioids. Bonus! I really cannot say enough good things about CBD tincture, properly made. Just wow! Thanks guys! If you’re interested in checking out CBD tinctures, they are available right here on Main Street in Mooresville at Ain’t Miss Bead Haven.

You Can Help

If you are willing and would like to con6tribute financially, there is a link on the web site. Any amount is extremely helpful at this point.

Here’s the link.

Of course hugs, love, and the occasional ‘hi how are you?’ are greatly appreciated. It’s good to know that someone cares. Drop a line – say ‘hi’.

Thank You

Again – thanks for all the good thoughts and support. You have made this a lot less scary and formidable. You have no idea how much.

Stay safe out there kids.


– Matt

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