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Diagnosis: Clinical Trial
Current Plan: Move and Participate

In 2021, Dana Farber conducted a clinical study of a combined immunotherapy / chemotherapy treatment targeting my particular flavor of adenocarcinoma. In that clinical study, that cancer was eliminated in 100% of the participants, so out of curiosity I reached out to Dana Farber and had a sit-down with one of the oncologists involved in the study. We had a long, fruitful chat, several tests were run, and I have been invited to participate in part 2 of the trial!!! W00 H00!

This means I will be moving to the Boston area for a minimum of 8 months while the trial is conducted.

I have a place to stay short-term, but I will need to secure a long-term place of my own where I can spread out my toys and keep myself occupied. I also need to get those toys from point A to point B, and arrange storage for those I do not carry with me. These are both fiscal surprises. I could use a little help if you’re willing and able. Any amount helps, and will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!