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Diagnosis: Cancer
Current Plan: Fight




On February 14, 2020 I was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer – an ‘adeenocarcinoma’, specifically.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Mother Nature, right??

I suppose I should not be surprised. Both my mother and her father had colo-rectal cancer, the the probability of my contracting it is pretty good anyway, but still – the news hits you like a ton of bricks when it does finally land.

The prognosis is good – with treatment I should be cancer-free by year’s end. Bring it on!

At the beginning of March, Covid-19 compounded the equation by embracing the entire planet in its arms, causing pretty much everything to come to a screeching halt. Not only was treatment delayed, but work dried up entirely as well.

Not good.

So here I am. I am working where possible, and I expect to be able to return to perfoeming as soon as the risk of exposure passes, but I need your help. The expenses are relentless – they just keep coming. If you are able and willing, any help at all will be greatly appreciated – and not forgotten. Please help if you can.

Thank you!


– Matt