Week 1 Update

One week out, and I thought I would reach out with an update and to say thanks for being there. Seriously – thanks for being there.

Most of last week was spent trying to find some way to be comfortable. Sitting upright was mostly impossible. I’m not a big believer in pain killers, so I suppose I wasn’t making it easy on myself anyway, but yeah – pretty brutal.

Got my biopsy result on Friday – it is cancer, and we apparently caught it early enough that there are options. My left buttock is attempting to grow its own buttock – or something? – and that is fouling up my plumbing. I will be meeting with an oncologist this week. Hopefully the oncologist will be able to clarify further. We will determine the best path forward and proceed from there. It looks like chemo/radiation will be in my future, but perhaps no surgery. At this point, I’ll take any small win as a major victory.

Right now, my plan is to continue with normal tinkery as much as possible. Sitting in ‘the chair’ is painful at times, but I should be able to maintain a steady routine as long as I do not overdo it. If you message or email me, it may be a while before I’m able to respond. 🙁

I’ll know more mid-week, and will keep you posted.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. It means more than you know.

Of course – any assistance is greatly appreciated. Folks seemed to be having issues with the link I posted last week because it required having a Paypal account. I have set up an alternative here on this site.

Here’s the link.

It uses Paypal as a gateway, but does not require a Paypal account like the other link did.

Thanks again


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