Week 2 Update

Two Weeks Out

I thought I would reach out to those following along at home with an update, and to say – again – thanks for being there.

So it has been two weeks …

Things seem to be improving daily – sort of. I can sit up for longer periods, and walking around is much less painful. I’m still having the occasional ‘gotta lie down so it stops hurting’ moment, but they are becoming less frequest.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about treatments, diet, herbal supplements, etc. It is really not all that hard, because I had started to change my eating habits a while ago. I actually wound up adding some stuff to the approved menu items. For instance – I forgot that I actually like both beets and beet greens. That was easy 😀

I have my first consult with the oncologist this coming Wednesday. I thought it was to be last Wednesday, but apparently my definition of ‘next Wednesday’ was different from theirs, so … the anxiety is still present.

Accomplishment of the week: I was able to walk the half mile round trip to vote yesterday. Felt damned good!

Needless to say – healthcare played a significant role in my decision, and no, I did not vote for Bernie Sanders 🙂

Any assistance in any form is greatly appreciated. As you might imagine – these folks don’t work cheap 😀 If you are willing and would like to help with some of the costs, there is a link on my web site. It uses Paypal as a gateway, but does not require a Paypal.

Here’s the link.

Again – thanks for all the good thoughts and support. You have made this a lot less scary and formidable. You have no idea how much.


– Matt

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