What do I like about the Biden ticket?

Someone recently asked me “What do I like about the Biden ticket?”

That’s a good question, because there is a lot that I do not like about Joe Biden. He was not my first choice by any means, but here he is: a choice.

And there is a very, *very* important choice to be made here, and in my mind, there are only two options: Libertarian or Democrat, since the GOP is only relevant in its size. As far as I can tell, they have completed their self destruct sequence – or at least they are close. They have yet to prove capable of adequately dealing with real issues. All we ever get from the GOP is stall tactics and outright obstruction. I’m not going to get into the other frigging in the rigging. As far as I’m concerned, the GOP has become a big ol’ frat house, with all of the sense of responsibility that membership implies.

So – Democrat or Libertarian?
Let’s set aside the ideologies for a moment, and take a look at the playing field.

The Democratic Party is established. They hold influence at all levels of government.

The Libertarian Party has:

  • 0 out of 100 Seats in the Senate
  • 1 out of 435 Seats in the House of Representatives
  • 0 out of 50 Governorships
  • 0 out of 1,972 Seats in state upper chambers
  • 0 out of 5,411 Seats in state lower chambers
  • 0 out of 6 Territorial governorships
  • 0 out of 97 Seats in territorial upper chambers
  • 0 out of 91 Seats in territorial lower chambers
  • Other elected offices: 234

The Libertarian Party has literally no legislative presence or support base. As such, as a party, they can exert little pressure to overcome the inertia of the two larger parties in any effective way. They need to step up their game, and do more than reach for the big prize every four years. Until they do, they remain insignificant.

So – to answer the question, I look to the Democratic Party platform.

  • Investment in education – strengthening the public education system (community colleges and training) by making education more affordable/accessible.
    I believe Biden will work on that.
  • Access to affordable health care, be it through lower premiums (the public option) or tax credits to lower premiums or expansion of Medicare. Whatever means, stop bitching and start doing.
    I believe Biden will work on that.
  • Equal Civil Rights Under The Law. For instance – LGBQ issues – who cares who marries who? That judgement is way beyond *anyone’s* pay grade. You worry about you – that’s all that matters when checking through the Pearly Gates. Let the others account for themselves. It is their right, their choice, and has nothing to do with you – or me – or that guy over there —>
    I believe Biden will work on that.
  • Development of alternative energy sources, and phase out fossil fuels. It only makes sense to replace finite supply with infinite supply. For instance – C’mon man – we have a *free* fusion reactor blowing off energy into empty space a mere 93M miles away. Use it! Develop that technology!
    I believe Biden will work on that.

Make significant strides in those four areas, and you will make significant progress toward many other issues which plague us in the process.
I really do believe that Biden will work toward those things.

How successful he, or anyone else for that matter, is depends in large part on us. Are we ready to abandon the political ‘hot potatoes’ and take care of business, or do we want to continue infighting, whining, finger-pointing, and seeking reasons why things won’t work rather than finding ways to make things work?

The choice really is ours.

I honestly don’t see his opponent doing any of that. Do you? Honestly?

In fact, I see him moving in an entirely different direction, and trying to benefit himself and a few select others personally in the process without regard to *any* consequence. He appears to have a ‘Fuck it, who cares?’ attitude toward everything.

As far as foreign policy goes, frankly, I think there are a lot of bridges to mend, and he will have to work on that. That will have to be first and foremost. I do not have any answers for that.
But I believe Biden will work on that, too, to the best of his ability. At least he’ll listen to his advisors and read the briefs. 😉

However – fixing our own internal problems will go a long way toward strengthening us for standing on the world stage saying ‘Hey! Listen to us! We’re doing it right. Be like us!’ with credibility.

We are nowhere near that.

Just my two cents.

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